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Mar 06, 2010 Answers. Here are some oldfashioned names I found& liked: Good luck! : D Abigail Adelaide Adeline Amelia Anne Audrey Ava Cassandra Catherine Cecilia Charlotte Clarabelle Clarissa Delilah Elaine Elizabeth Estelle Evelyn Fern Genevieve Georgiana Gloria Hazel Holly IsadoraSep 26, 2012  It doesn't matter if they're trendy (Emma) or outdated (Gertrude), tell me your favourites! : ) Update: Mughain Lol. I know what you mean. I adore Prudence and Myrtle, but I think I'm just about the only one! Anna Thanks for asking: ) Ruby, Sadie, Isabel, Iris, Susannah, Madeleine, Annabel, Clara list of old fashioned girl names yahoo

Nov 06, 2009 I need some help with girl names! ! I like older style names (so no Siennas& Maddys please). I don't live in America so feel free to think outside your comfort zone. : ) Here are some names I like: Ivy Pearl Lila Iris Romy Ettie Flora Nina Lola As you can see I prefer shorter names& I don't mind if the name looks like a nickname.

Oct 13, 2010 Yahoo UK& Ireland Answers Here's some that I think would work. I don't know if they're old fashioned, but they be good ones. Agatha Anne Annabel Annabelle Victoria Mary Joan Jane Cute old fashioned girls name? More questions. Any cutegirlyold fashioned names? Jun 11, 2013 Just found out we are having a little girlafter THREE boys! So exciting, but finding a name we both love is tough. Here are some of my favorites. Help me narrow them down? Maybe suggest other names that have that sweet, simple but not TOO overused feel? Norah Cordelia Ruby (need middle name) Anna Claire Annabel Elise Lilly Kate Ella Clairelist of old fashioned girl names yahoo Jun 16, 2008  Stella: A girl's name of Latin origin that has a jazzage spirit. Stella was most popular in 1918. Lucy: girl's name of English origin that has an oldfashioned charm. Lucy was most popular in 1921 (matches Ruby; )! ! ! ) Lola: girl's name of Spanish origin that has a

Feb 26, 2015 What are list of your favorite girl names? Are names like Moira, Daiva, Zhen, and Thamina really better than the names Precious and Destiny? Rate these boy names: Hunter, Tiger, Gunther, Wolfe, Jasper, Lyle? list of old fashioned girl names yahoo Jan 25, 2009 Yahoo India Answers Very Old Fashioned Or Unique Girls' names? Any old names? very old, not like. . Annabella or Violet, please. . Or new, unique, cute fem. names: ) Update: Rick, that was VERY Rude, disrespectful, and immature. We all could have done without your comment. I may be white but I am in love with a black man, and we have two Jun 12, 2010 Yahoo India Answers Nice uncommon and oldfashioned names for GIRLS? Answer Questions. What are some chavvy baby names in the UK? The name Wolf for a little boy? Mohammed becomes one of the most popular names for babies in uk. What do you think about it? List of Popular Baby Names Old Baby Girl Names Please find an exhaustive list of old fashioned baby girl names with their meaning, origin, potential nicknames and famous person having this name. Nov 07, 2010 I adore Amelia. I just think that's a beautiful name. I'm glad it's not used too often now because I'd hate it to be very popular. I agree with you, Adele is a gorgeous name. Also Evelyn. I love your list of old fashioned girl's names.

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